Friday, June 11, 2010

Sarah's Birthday Bubble

Sweet Little Sarah is turning Two!  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to test this sweet pattern tutorial for Whimsy Coutour.  The tutorial was very easy and just look at these precious results!  Love it!

Birthday Cupcakes abound!

I used pretty wide ribbon for the straps.  They are attached in the middle on the front.  The back has a special surprise......
I put a buttonhole in the middle under the shirring and the ends of the ties come out and tie in a bow......
cute... cute... cute....!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday for Gracie.... and a King Snake

My best little model... Gracie just had a birthday.
Six years old can you believe it?
Cute as baby kitten and sweet as a cherry pie........
Love the little darling!
So for her birthday I made her very own stylish messenger bag.

Cute huh....?

What's that you said?
What about the King Snake?
Gracie's Dad, Mark graced us with a new pet..........
A 3 foot long Southern King Snake.

I get to feed him a mouse every 3 or 4 days.  We buy the mice frozen and thaw them out before introducing them to the snake........  He just loves them!

So what shall we name him....
or her?

Don't worry the snake can't get out.  But we do open the aquarium and handle him sometimes..... he is very nice as long as he isn't hungry...... and yes he does bite.  As Mark says, "Anything with a mouth will bite, the trick is to not put a body part near his mouth."

Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Handbags and Margeritaville

I have a new job....... I am working with the census.  This means I am out everyday going from house to house.  I have been so tired.... I just come in shower and go to bed.  I did make some new quilted handbags though. 
While my sister-in-law CeCe was visiting I managed to make time to get a quilted handbag made for each of her daughters for her to take back to Oregon.  They loved them!  Have a look....

This one is
she likes
brights, and
funky retro

Jenny prefers
greens and

This little beauty is mine... all mine!

It is really pretty...... used Blush by Moda to make quilted diamond blocks for the top row..... then used a pretty coordinating pink paisley to make a row of puffing for the middle row....... followed up by Blush again quilted in a catywampus block for the bottom row....... the bottom of the bag and handles are done in a bright turquoisy confetti.  I lined it with a turquoise paisley of pinky lavender...... finishing up with a zipper closure with pink, blue, and yellow tassles.
I like it!  What do you think? 

Here is a shot at Margeritaville....... so exuasting..... so refreshing.... so fun!

Eight of us girls (Angela , Amanda, Sherry, Melanie, Teresa, Lynn, Norma, and Me) went to New Orleans last weekend for a Girlfriend's Retreat.  No husbands... No kids... well, except for Sherry, since Angela and Amanda are her adult twin daughters..... but no grandchildren. We had a blast!  Stayed in a bed and breakfast....... we ate....... we walked...... we shopped...... we ate.... we walked..... we shopped..... you get the idea =]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whew! The wedding is over...

Well it was a beautiful wedding and I did manage to finish on time.... barely.  I was cutting out buttonholes and lacing corsets minutes before they walked down the isle.
Here is a look at those bridesmaid dresses:
We've got Crysy the Matron of Honor in black, with Alyssa the junior bridesmaid (daughter of the bride) peeking in.... followed by Ashley, Lacey (sister in law of the bride), and Hiedi (sister of the bride).
Now let's have a look athe Groom and his groomsmen sporting their Mossy Oak vest, cowboy hats, and boots.  The ties are mostly removed by the time this pic was snapped.
This is my dear sweet husband dancing with his precious daughter at her wedding.  I don't know what they talked about but they both cried.  It was beautiful.
And now I present to you:
Mr. and Mrs. Shuan Clark
May all thier days end with a beautiful sunset ride off together.

Monday, April 19, 2010


whew!  Finally finished with the wedding alterations!  Yeah!  Let me see.....hmmm...
  1. Kristen's Flower Girl Dress
  2. Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress
  3. Bridesmaid Dress #1
  4. Bridesmaid Dress #2
  5. Bridesmaid Dress #3
  6. Matron of Honor Dress
  7. Groom's Vest
  8. Groom's Bowtie
  9. Groomsman Vest #1
  10. Groomsman Vest #2
  11. Groomsman Vest #3
  12. Groomsman Vest #4
Wow! 12 projects done......
Stay tuned for photos.... The wedding is Saturday and I will take lots of pictures.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Yeah!  Project 23 Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress.  Remember the Flower Girl Dress for Kristen..... Alyssa's dress is just like it..... right down to the "fussy cutting" on the bodice for the spray of leaves.  Two exceptions:  1.) Alyssa's has a back zipper instead of buttons.  and  2.) Alyssa's front bow has a heart shaped jeweled bow bedazzaler.  I don't have the bedazzler yet.... Barbara needs to bring it to me..... so I will photograph that dress when I put the front bow on.

Martron of Honor Dress

YePee!!!! I have finished the Matron of Honor Dress.  Hope she doesn't gain an ounce between now and Saturday.   It won't zip if she does.  Hold your breath.......
Here it is:  Project 22 finished.

Just need to finish button hole details on Bridesmaid dresses.  Then I have to make the groomsmen's vest....  Whew.... I'm tired.