Friday, June 11, 2010

Sarah's Birthday Bubble

Sweet Little Sarah is turning Two!  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to test this sweet pattern tutorial for Whimsy Coutour.  The tutorial was very easy and just look at these precious results!  Love it!

Birthday Cupcakes abound!

I used pretty wide ribbon for the straps.  They are attached in the middle on the front.  The back has a special surprise......
I put a buttonhole in the middle under the shirring and the ends of the ties come out and tie in a bow......
cute... cute... cute....!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday for Gracie.... and a King Snake

My best little model... Gracie just had a birthday.
Six years old can you believe it?
Cute as baby kitten and sweet as a cherry pie........
Love the little darling!
So for her birthday I made her very own stylish messenger bag.

Cute huh....?

What's that you said?
What about the King Snake?
Gracie's Dad, Mark graced us with a new pet..........
A 3 foot long Southern King Snake.

I get to feed him a mouse every 3 or 4 days.  We buy the mice frozen and thaw them out before introducing them to the snake........  He just loves them!

So what shall we name him....
or her?

Don't worry the snake can't get out.  But we do open the aquarium and handle him sometimes..... he is very nice as long as he isn't hungry...... and yes he does bite.  As Mark says, "Anything with a mouth will bite, the trick is to not put a body part near his mouth."

Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Handbags and Margeritaville

I have a new job....... I am working with the census.  This means I am out everyday going from house to house.  I have been so tired.... I just come in shower and go to bed.  I did make some new quilted handbags though. 
While my sister-in-law CeCe was visiting I managed to make time to get a quilted handbag made for each of her daughters for her to take back to Oregon.  They loved them!  Have a look....

This one is
she likes
brights, and
funky retro

Jenny prefers
greens and

This little beauty is mine... all mine!

It is really pretty...... used Blush by Moda to make quilted diamond blocks for the top row..... then used a pretty coordinating pink paisley to make a row of puffing for the middle row....... followed up by Blush again quilted in a catywampus block for the bottom row....... the bottom of the bag and handles are done in a bright turquoisy confetti.  I lined it with a turquoise paisley of pinky lavender...... finishing up with a zipper closure with pink, blue, and yellow tassles.
I like it!  What do you think? 

Here is a shot at Margeritaville....... so exuasting..... so refreshing.... so fun!

Eight of us girls (Angela , Amanda, Sherry, Melanie, Teresa, Lynn, Norma, and Me) went to New Orleans last weekend for a Girlfriend's Retreat.  No husbands... No kids... well, except for Sherry, since Angela and Amanda are her adult twin daughters..... but no grandchildren. We had a blast!  Stayed in a bed and breakfast....... we ate....... we walked...... we shopped...... we ate.... we walked..... we shopped..... you get the idea =]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whew! The wedding is over...

Well it was a beautiful wedding and I did manage to finish on time.... barely.  I was cutting out buttonholes and lacing corsets minutes before they walked down the isle.
Here is a look at those bridesmaid dresses:
We've got Crysy the Matron of Honor in black, with Alyssa the junior bridesmaid (daughter of the bride) peeking in.... followed by Ashley, Lacey (sister in law of the bride), and Hiedi (sister of the bride).
Now let's have a look athe Groom and his groomsmen sporting their Mossy Oak vest, cowboy hats, and boots.  The ties are mostly removed by the time this pic was snapped.
This is my dear sweet husband dancing with his precious daughter at her wedding.  I don't know what they talked about but they both cried.  It was beautiful.
And now I present to you:
Mr. and Mrs. Shuan Clark
May all thier days end with a beautiful sunset ride off together.

Monday, April 19, 2010


whew!  Finally finished with the wedding alterations!  Yeah!  Let me see.....hmmm...
  1. Kristen's Flower Girl Dress
  2. Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress
  3. Bridesmaid Dress #1
  4. Bridesmaid Dress #2
  5. Bridesmaid Dress #3
  6. Matron of Honor Dress
  7. Groom's Vest
  8. Groom's Bowtie
  9. Groomsman Vest #1
  10. Groomsman Vest #2
  11. Groomsman Vest #3
  12. Groomsman Vest #4
Wow! 12 projects done......
Stay tuned for photos.... The wedding is Saturday and I will take lots of pictures.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Yeah!  Project 23 Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress.  Remember the Flower Girl Dress for Kristen..... Alyssa's dress is just like it..... right down to the "fussy cutting" on the bodice for the spray of leaves.  Two exceptions:  1.) Alyssa's has a back zipper instead of buttons.  and  2.) Alyssa's front bow has a heart shaped jeweled bow bedazzaler.  I don't have the bedazzler yet.... Barbara needs to bring it to me..... so I will photograph that dress when I put the front bow on.

Martron of Honor Dress

YePee!!!! I have finished the Matron of Honor Dress.  Hope she doesn't gain an ounce between now and Saturday.   It won't zip if she does.  Hold your breath.......
Here it is:  Project 22 finished.

Just need to finish button hole details on Bridesmaid dresses.  Then I have to make the groomsmen's vest....  Whew.... I'm tired.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check out this GiveAway over at I Have A Notion's First Birthday

Have you caught your breath yet? If you are hyperventilating you might grab a paper sack and breath into it.

If it is safe to continue....keep reading....if you have not caught your breath yet....continue breathing into that paper sack....

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 21.... A Flower Girl Dress

Remember this post..... re-making bridesmaid dresses.... most too small and all to have mossy oak camo added as an accent.  Well I finally moved enough off my sewing table to start working on them.... and... I guess it's about time...... the wedding is April 24th. 
Well here is the first installment...... Kristen's Flower Girl Dress.... Whoop Peeeeeeee Project 21 down!
Whatcha think...... I know.... I know.... it's camo...... but Barbara is a country gal....... and Shaun is as redneck as they come.
Here is the Front:

As you can see, I haven't sewn on the buttons yet .... but the buttonholes are done:)

I used dress weight satin in Mossy Oak .... who'd a thunk it?

Now here is the back with a pretty bow.

Hugs, Rebecca

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project 20... An Easter Dress for Kristen

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely weekend.  We had two of our thirteen grandchildren spend this weekend with us...... Yes..... I did say 13... after all we have 5 daughters and 3 sons... and then there are the spouses.  Yes!  Holidays are something to behold. Damien who is 7 and the son of Jessica and Kristen who is also 7 the daughter of Barbara were our little Easter guest.  Friday night was movie night in our home theater with pizza and ice cream..... Princess and the Frog.  Saturday morning we went to Richton to our friends cabin in the woods..... on a lake.... think wonderful and your halfway there...... We had a blast.  Fishing, mud wheeling (three wheeling after the rain), shooting,....... and of course eating.  The children had a wonderful time and brought home the mud to prove it.
When I got back home Saturday night, it was off to the sewing room to make a quick Easter Dress for Kristen to wear to Church this morning.  Have a look at Project 20.

Yes.... she is a prissy little thing .....
and looks just like her mommy
P.S. The maderia applique hem had not been hand stitched down yet when I took this photograph.  Oh! she is so cute I could just pinch her.

Have a blessed life and remember

He Lives.... !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guest Room Block Three

Wow!  This is the Belle of the Ball.  Love it!
It's called Grandmother's Fan.....
It is pieced and appliqued with lace embellishments and decorative stitching.
I will need 12 of these beauties.
Have a look.... whacha think?

Hugs and Happy Sewing
Jesus Loves You so send Him a love note once in awhile....k
Thank you notes are nice too.. and God knows we have lots of Thank Yous for Jesus.

Guest Room Block Two

I am on a roll.......
Got the next block done... I'm calling her "Blinkie"
This quilt I designed for my Guest Room will be called "Cecelia Lee" She was inspired by her first guest CeCe (Cecelia, my sister in law) and my Great Grandmother, Cecelia Lee.  My great grandmother was 100% Cherekee Indian and did not allow photographs of herself... my family does have a chalk painting of her, but even it has a tear where she attempted to destroy it.  CeCe well........ photos of her....hmmmmm.... we have them.... here is one of the most recent ones that she posted on facebook with a message for her brother, my husband.  Prepare yourself....... it is hilarious.
I love her big brother too!

Now.... back to the quilt...

I will need to make 16 Blinkie blocks for my design.
Introducing for your viewing pleasure.....
And... remember Block One "Pinwheel" I will need to make 8 of these beauties.

Well... I'm off to make Block Three....Grandmother's Fan

Hugs & Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guest Room Quilt Block One

Woo Hoo!..... The first block is done and I just love it!
So far this quilt is looking just like it did in my head.  Love it when that happens....sometimes the head picture and the real picture don't even resemble.....Hate it when that happens.
So here it is....

So what do you think?  You know I love love love comments...


Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block Three

I just love this quilt along.....
I am really a novice quilter..... but I have been a closet quilt book lover for many many years.
These quilt alongs finally gave me the incintive and courage to jump out there and make my own quilt.  Although, I still have yet to quilt a quilt top......I am currently designing and piecing my very own design for a queen size quilt.  My sister in law will be flying in for an extended stay April 20th.  So.... being the crazy silly person I am.... I have embarked on compleately re-doing the guest room and adjacent bath.  I want it to all coordinate, exude, and drip in cottage..romantic..pretty elegance. Oh! the vision dancing in my head!  Color pallet...hmmmm.... pink to burgandys, turquoise to williamsburg blues, and ivory to browns. 

You like it?  I do!
I plan to make the quilt, dust ruffle, pillows, quilted wall hangings, dresser fabic bowls, re-cover upholstered glider rocker, and curtains/valances.  The room is already painted english rose with hardwood floors... hmmm.... maybe make a quilted floor rug too.  Oh! my!  if I could just run a video from my thoughts I could make millions... billions... maybe trillions...hahaha.  Well, asumming someone would even want to see the ideas running through my mind:)

Anywho.... here is Block Three for the Quilt Along:

I am keeping that black and white polka dot theme fabric front and center.


On a funny note------
Three days ago my cat my husband's cat, Light Light (short for Lightning) ........ for some strange unknown reason...... climbed one of our 30 foot pine trees.  Well, after he had been up there screaming for 3 days and 2 nights..... I went to the fire department to ask for help.  What do you think the cat did when the fire truck pulled into the drive?  Ran down the tree.... on his own... without any prompting..... and without a care in the world.  Go figure.  The fireman was very nice anyway..... and also very nice looking..... I later told my 25 year old single daughter she would need to go get  the fireman next time.  He would make a lovely son in law.  Definately beats the guys she usually likes.  She has had some good ones though..... but as soon as she finds out we like him...... well.. you guessed it..... he's history.  I got his cell phone number too.... hehehe...such a sweet boy man.  After three days and nights.... Light Light just wanted to eat, then..... yep.. that's right-- it was naptime... in my sewing chair of course.    What an adventure!

The mischief maker caught napping!

More Hugs,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

another wonderful giveaway

You just gotta love bloggers..... they love to giveaway and they love to enter giveaways.
Head on over to Bluebirdswing and enter her giveaway for a dozen purse patterns!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet Hubby is home!

I'm so thrilled my honey's home. ....always tickled to get to have alone time and so sure I will get so much done.... but alas that feeling is short lived.  I just start to miss him right away.  Truth is:  I'm very very happy and cozy... when David is downstairs in his home theater room watching races, football,...... man cave stuff--- while I am upstairs in my sewing room cheerfully working away on the current project at hand.  Yes -- I get irritated when he calls me (yes, the silly man calls me on the cell phone from his chair) to get this or do that..... but I just like having him close by.  Since David is a real homebody..... and what man wouldn't be if he had his very own home theater with 10 foot by 5 foot screen..... I never have to wonder what he is up to, where he is, who he is with, or whether he is safe.  Very comforting feeling.

Nonetheless.... because I had so much time on my hands yesterday... I watched an episode of Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee.  She made the most wonderful meal---- well I just knew it would be a perfect welcome home dinner!  Bingo! it was perfect! and so yummy.  What a hit!  My brother-in-law and nephew think I am just the bee's knees.  Hubby was quite impressed as well.
  • Fried Catfish Sandwich w/ Romelaude Sauce on Crusty Bread
  • Crab Cakes w/ Spicy Cajun Tartar Sauce
  • Collard Greens w/ Bacon, Onions, & Pinto Beans
  • Sweet Iced Tea
  • Baklava
Wish I had thought to take a picture.....   oh well maybe next time:)

Pinwheel Party Blocks Two and Three

The Pinwheel Party Quilt Along is a weekly block.......
nomally.... that's great.... keeps me motivated.
However----- with my dad having surgery and then family visiting us right after I got back from my staying with my mom in the intensive care waiting room....... well, you get the picture..... got a little behind on Quilt Along.  But I'm all caught up:)  Thanks to my dear hubby leaving with his brother, nephew, and grandson to go to Bristol, TN for Nascar.  Yeah! 5 whole days all by myself ---- whoopee..... I got so much done..... and hardly anything done. Take a look at my pinwheel blocks two and three..... and I will throw pinwheel block one back into the mix as a mind jogger.  Funny how we forget so quickly.
Here she is....  BLOCK ONE
Love those bright colors in direct contrast to the black!

Now here is the newest star of the show

Is your head twirling?
And finally.. along comes
Watch out! because
 is to be released today!

I hope to finish it before
my love returns tonight.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block Two

Ok... Ok... First things first
I decided to let the entire quilts stand as one project each.
Since no one... nope not one... commented on my dilemah  delimah de-lim-ahhhhh. 
Come on guys.... most of the fun is reading the ooooie-----goooie comments.
Sniff... sniff... nobody loves me (tear in my eye)
But......... I reserve the right to ammend.... if  time catches up with me.

Here's Block Two for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along over at Moose on the Porch.

And here is a picture of Block One
And here is Block Two again..... see what coordinates and ties them together?
Yep!  It's the black and white polka dots.
They will be in every block to tie together and coordinate
this very colorful and bright quilt.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Projects 14..,15..,16...,17..,18..,19---- A Gift for Max

My friend Amanda Trahan is also a very gifted hairdresser.  She does my hair...... thank goodness.

Another friend of Amanda's recentely delivered a new baby boy------- his name is Max.
Amanda called me and said the magic words...
He's a boy...... I'm thinking light blue and fluer de lis because Rebecca Power's (a.k.a. Max's mom) is from New Orleans.  That's it--- that's all the input she had.
The rest was left to my imagination and creativity.    Yipee!   I was on a mission.
Thrilled to have creative license. ... this is when I turn out my best projects.  Even when I use a pattern---- I change it---- can't help myself --- I'm creative and a little hardheaded.
Take a look at what I came up with:

A box!  Isn't it beautiful?  Applique Fluer de lis ----- crazy patchwork ---- ribbon tie....
It's sooooooo dreamy...... and it will be useful too.  Mom can store baby momentoes and other things in it.
What's that?   What did you say?   
"What's in the box?"
Oh yeah....hehehe

Everything Max needs for a coordinated daper young man.
Have a look:  Isn't it precious?

A Romper, Hat, Shoes, Bib, and Burp Pad!  Too cute!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Banaghaisge Blogaversary

Click on over and enter this wonderful giveaway to celebrate
Banaghaisge's Blogaversary
Take a look at the beautiful prize.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nook Pouch

My friend Teresa just got the neatest little gadget.  It's called a Nook.  Barnes & Noble makes an electronic book now.  I love it.... eventually you know I will have to get me one of these.  For now I will just admire Teresa's and beg... borrow... her already read paper books.  I know Teresa is going to love her little Nook Pouch.

Another Princess Bathroom Project

Check this out!
A cute fabric basket for the bathroom counter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got a Question!

For my two Quilt-Alongs that I have joined......
Can each block count as a project?
Or.... do I have to complete the entire quilt top?....
Hmmmm. just asking....
Leave me some comments with your vote.
I will honor the majority rule...
there are no comments then I will rule.
Hahaha....Lots of hugs,

Pinwheel Party Quilt-Along

Whoop...... pee....!
I'm on a roll... hope I don't run outa steam......
I have completed my Block One for the
Pinwheel Party!
Love it! It's going to be so loud and fun!
Have a look see.....
then join the party.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt-Along

The Jelly Roll Quilt-Along begins today....
I already finished my first block!
Can't wait for the next one....

Have a look... I'm  using bright bright bright
purples, yellows, oranges, corals, and greens...
with just a bit of blue
then framed in black and white polka dots
What do you think?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Postage Stamp Quilt Tutorial

I'm in love......
Take a look at this dreamy, beautiful, exquisite quilt

Now head on over to Handmade by Hiedi for her tutorial.  She is spearheading a Postage Stamp Quilt Along.  Oh! I wish I could fit this into my schedule but alas.... the quilt along schedule and my schedule are head butting.
Sighing........ but this is on my someday list and I will get to it someday. 
I love this quilt!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Project 11 Finished

I started working on "Princess Themed Bathroom"
for my Walley Girls!
This bathroom challenge
will knock several
projects off my
2010 Challenge.

All bejeweled just right for a princess.

Easter is in the air!

Easter will be early this year!

Time to get started on some Easter projects.

Click on over to Retro Moma for this

"egg"ceptional Easter Egg tutorial

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunco Tonight!

My turn to host Bunco and what fun we had.
This year, with the prompting of several
bunco buddies, I made the gifts for the prizes.

This counts as 5 ..... yes I said 5 projects. 
Whew!  I almost didn't make the deadline.

Have a look at my bounty....

Let's start with MOST BUNCO PRIZE

using the EZ Quilter Easy Dresden Ruler
Congratulations!  Miss Jody

Then there was MOST WINS

Tutorial available at:  Sometimes Crafter Congratulations!  Miss Carol

Of course next would be 2ND MOST WINS

My tutorial is available on this blog
Congratualtions!  Miss Trudy

Now how about the BOOBY PRIZE----- MOST LOSSES

Congratulations!  Miss Carla

And finally DOOR PRIZE

Congratulations!  ME!  yeah!  I was so excited to get to keep it.  I love winning at BUNCO!

So that is one, two, three, four, and five projects DONE!
Only 40 to go....... Yipee!