Monday, January 11, 2010

I think I'll make a laptop bag

My husband got a new laptop for Christmas, so that leaves me with a (new to me) laptop.  I don't mind, it will be great when I'm at a craft show or something.  When I'm home I just use my trusty desktop computer.

Got to give some thought to design and functionality.  Should I make a sleeve or messenger bag style?  hmmm..I will need to include batting for shock absorbancy. Pockets for the wires and cd pockets as well.  I think I will do something really girly with my name monogrammed on the cover.  Yes!  that would be perfect.

Hmmm.... guess I better make a masculine one for my husband while I'm at it.  I think I will use leather and the bit of rattlesnake I have left from the Mark's wallet project.  Yes, I did say rattlesnake.  My friend Mark killed a rattlesanke, cut it's head off, and tanned it's skin.  Then he gave it to me to make a wallet for him.  It's looking pretty good, almost done. I will post a picture when I'm finished with it.  I might do a tutorial, but I'm betting most people won't have any spare rattlesnake laying around.

Stay warm....

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