Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whew! The wedding is over...

Well it was a beautiful wedding and I did manage to finish on time.... barely.  I was cutting out buttonholes and lacing corsets minutes before they walked down the isle.
Here is a look at those bridesmaid dresses:
We've got Crysy the Matron of Honor in black, with Alyssa the junior bridesmaid (daughter of the bride) peeking in.... followed by Ashley, Lacey (sister in law of the bride), and Hiedi (sister of the bride).
Now let's have a look athe Groom and his groomsmen sporting their Mossy Oak vest, cowboy hats, and boots.  The ties are mostly removed by the time this pic was snapped.
This is my dear sweet husband dancing with his precious daughter at her wedding.  I don't know what they talked about but they both cried.  It was beautiful.
And now I present to you:
Mr. and Mrs. Shuan Clark
May all thier days end with a beautiful sunset ride off together.

Monday, April 19, 2010


whew!  Finally finished with the wedding alterations!  Yeah!  Let me see.....hmmm...
  1. Kristen's Flower Girl Dress
  2. Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress
  3. Bridesmaid Dress #1
  4. Bridesmaid Dress #2
  5. Bridesmaid Dress #3
  6. Matron of Honor Dress
  7. Groom's Vest
  8. Groom's Bowtie
  9. Groomsman Vest #1
  10. Groomsman Vest #2
  11. Groomsman Vest #3
  12. Groomsman Vest #4
Wow! 12 projects done......
Stay tuned for photos.... The wedding is Saturday and I will take lots of pictures.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Yeah!  Project 23 Alyssa's Junior Bridesmaid Dress.  Remember the Flower Girl Dress for Kristen..... Alyssa's dress is just like it..... right down to the "fussy cutting" on the bodice for the spray of leaves.  Two exceptions:  1.) Alyssa's has a back zipper instead of buttons.  and  2.) Alyssa's front bow has a heart shaped jeweled bow bedazzaler.  I don't have the bedazzler yet.... Barbara needs to bring it to me..... so I will photograph that dress when I put the front bow on.

Martron of Honor Dress

YePee!!!! I have finished the Matron of Honor Dress.  Hope she doesn't gain an ounce between now and Saturday.   It won't zip if she does.  Hold your breath.......
Here it is:  Project 22 finished.

Just need to finish button hole details on Bridesmaid dresses.  Then I have to make the groomsmen's vest....  Whew.... I'm tired.

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 21.... A Flower Girl Dress

Remember this post..... re-making bridesmaid dresses.... most too small and all to have mossy oak camo added as an accent.  Well I finally moved enough off my sewing table to start working on them.... and... I guess it's about time...... the wedding is April 24th. 
Well here is the first installment...... Kristen's Flower Girl Dress.... Whoop Peeeeeeee Project 21 down!
Whatcha think...... I know.... I know.... it's camo...... but Barbara is a country gal....... and Shaun is as redneck as they come.
Here is the Front:

As you can see, I haven't sewn on the buttons yet .... but the buttonholes are done:)

I used dress weight satin in Mossy Oak .... who'd a thunk it?

Now here is the back with a pretty bow.

Hugs, Rebecca

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project 20... An Easter Dress for Kristen

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely weekend.  We had two of our thirteen grandchildren spend this weekend with us...... Yes..... I did say 13... after all we have 5 daughters and 3 sons... and then there are the spouses.  Yes!  Holidays are something to behold. Damien who is 7 and the son of Jessica and Kristen who is also 7 the daughter of Barbara were our little Easter guest.  Friday night was movie night in our home theater with pizza and ice cream..... Princess and the Frog.  Saturday morning we went to Richton to our friends cabin in the woods..... on a lake.... think wonderful and your halfway there...... We had a blast.  Fishing, mud wheeling (three wheeling after the rain), shooting,....... and of course eating.  The children had a wonderful time and brought home the mud to prove it.
When I got back home Saturday night, it was off to the sewing room to make a quick Easter Dress for Kristen to wear to Church this morning.  Have a look at Project 20.

Yes.... she is a prissy little thing .....
and looks just like her mommy
P.S. The maderia applique hem had not been hand stitched down yet when I took this photograph.  Oh! she is so cute I could just pinch her.

Have a blessed life and remember

He Lives.... !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guest Room Block Three

Wow!  This is the Belle of the Ball.  Love it!
It's called Grandmother's Fan.....
It is pieced and appliqued with lace embellishments and decorative stitching.
I will need 12 of these beauties.
Have a look.... whacha think?

Hugs and Happy Sewing
Jesus Loves You so send Him a love note once in awhile....k
Thank you notes are nice too.. and God knows we have lots of Thank Yous for Jesus.

Guest Room Block Two

I am on a roll.......
Got the next block done... I'm calling her "Blinkie"
This quilt I designed for my Guest Room will be called "Cecelia Lee" She was inspired by her first guest CeCe (Cecelia, my sister in law) and my Great Grandmother, Cecelia Lee.  My great grandmother was 100% Cherekee Indian and did not allow photographs of herself... my family does have a chalk painting of her, but even it has a tear where she attempted to destroy it.  CeCe well........ photos of her....hmmmmm.... we have them.... here is one of the most recent ones that she posted on facebook with a message for her brother, my husband.  Prepare yourself....... it is hilarious.
I love her big brother too!

Now.... back to the quilt...

I will need to make 16 Blinkie blocks for my design.
Introducing for your viewing pleasure.....
And... remember Block One "Pinwheel" I will need to make 8 of these beauties.

Well... I'm off to make Block Three....Grandmother's Fan

Hugs & Happy Sewing,