Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guest Room Block Two

I am on a roll.......
Got the next block done... I'm calling her "Blinkie"
This quilt I designed for my Guest Room will be called "Cecelia Lee" She was inspired by her first guest CeCe (Cecelia, my sister in law) and my Great Grandmother, Cecelia Lee.  My great grandmother was 100% Cherekee Indian and did not allow photographs of herself... my family does have a chalk painting of her, but even it has a tear where she attempted to destroy it.  CeCe well........ photos of her....hmmmmm.... we have them.... here is one of the most recent ones that she posted on facebook with a message for her brother, my husband.  Prepare yourself....... it is hilarious.
I love her big brother too!

Now.... back to the quilt...

I will need to make 16 Blinkie blocks for my design.
Introducing for your viewing pleasure.....
And... remember Block One "Pinwheel" I will need to make 8 of these beauties.

Well... I'm off to make Block Three....Grandmother's Fan

Hugs & Happy Sewing,

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  1. My dear sis n law, you are hilarious! And did I mention very talented? Your work is beautiful! I have seen some of your work in person and was amazed by the skills God has blessed you with. Your work shows your love. I cannot wait to stay in your guest room and feel honored at being allowed to enjoy the beautiful quilt you are making. I am also quite surprised that your great grandmother and I have the same first and middle name!! With such a name she must of been a special person!! Love you and thanks for sharing your work and MY PICTURE TO THE WORLD!!