Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guest Room Block Three

Wow!  This is the Belle of the Ball.  Love it!
It's called Grandmother's Fan.....
It is pieced and appliqued with lace embellishments and decorative stitching.
I will need 12 of these beauties.
Have a look.... whacha think?

Hugs and Happy Sewing
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  1. How beautiful. I have another project for anniversary quilt, for Steve and I. Maybe baby clothes of our children? I don't know. I need to take a quilting class...or come stay with you for a few are most excellent at what you do!

  2. Oh! thank you my dear...... a quilt using baby clothes... what a cute idea. and a wonderful way to store those memories. Not really a new idea though.... that is precisly what quilts were made from back when.... Sister's favorite sunday dress, the baby's little gown, etc.... But still what a wonderful way to store memories.

  3. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! If I were to pick a quilt, this would be the one! It is one of the most gorgeous quilt blocks I have seen, cannot wait to see the finished piece!!