Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project 20... An Easter Dress for Kristen

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely weekend.  We had two of our thirteen grandchildren spend this weekend with us...... Yes..... I did say 13... after all we have 5 daughters and 3 sons... and then there are the spouses.  Yes!  Holidays are something to behold. Damien who is 7 and the son of Jessica and Kristen who is also 7 the daughter of Barbara were our little Easter guest.  Friday night was movie night in our home theater with pizza and ice cream..... Princess and the Frog.  Saturday morning we went to Richton to our friends cabin in the woods..... on a lake.... think wonderful and your halfway there...... We had a blast.  Fishing, mud wheeling (three wheeling after the rain), shooting,....... and of course eating.  The children had a wonderful time and brought home the mud to prove it.
When I got back home Saturday night, it was off to the sewing room to make a quick Easter Dress for Kristen to wear to Church this morning.  Have a look at Project 20.

Yes.... she is a prissy little thing .....
and looks just like her mommy
P.S. The maderia applique hem had not been hand stitched down yet when I took this photograph.  Oh! she is so cute I could just pinch her.

Have a blessed life and remember

He Lives.... !

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmm love to watch you slooooowly take that off, but I want to be the one to take off your knickers before taking you to bed