Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 21.... A Flower Girl Dress

Remember this post..... re-making bridesmaid dresses.... most too small and all to have mossy oak camo added as an accent.  Well I finally moved enough off my sewing table to start working on them.... and... I guess it's about time...... the wedding is April 24th. 
Well here is the first installment...... Kristen's Flower Girl Dress.... Whoop Peeeeeeee Project 21 down!
Whatcha think...... I know.... I know.... it's camo...... but Barbara is a country gal....... and Shaun is as redneck as they come.
Here is the Front:

As you can see, I haven't sewn on the buttons yet .... but the buttonholes are done:)

I used dress weight satin in Mossy Oak .... who'd a thunk it?

Now here is the back with a pretty bow.

Hugs, Rebecca


  1. This dress is so beautiful i got on here and my mouth dropped this day is going to be so wonderful and yes rebbecca u can sew anything and it is going to be so wonderful anythign that u have ever made for me and my family and others that is seen has always took my breath away. This wedding is everything I have ever imagained no i never thought i would be in to camo but when i got with shaun my whole world changed ya i am a country girl. I love everything u do and thank u ...And i love what u are doing for shaun and I .....

  2. It looks very nice. You did a wonderful job! Hope mine looks as nice lol.. Barbie its gonna be cute! Love, Crysy

  3. Wow! Not bad at all...when I heard camo I was thinking over alls... that is much better than I imagined... great creativity

  4. How much is it????????

  5. How much would u charge me for a size 16 girls and a size 6 girls? I need something similar to these but in mossy oak and ivory for my flower girls in october please message me at babylove122708@gmail.com thank you!