Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home from my Surprise Visit to my Mother's

What fun!
I gave my mother quite a startle Thursday night.  My husband and I drove to her house without announcing our visit.  I called Momma on my cell phone as we drove into the driveway.  I talked with her all the way into the living room.  She was so surprised to turn and see me standing there. 
She loved her peacocks!  It was a great visit.

While I was gone on  my long weekend get-away, fabric arrived for the newest project on my project list.
Barbara, one of our daughters, (mother of four herself), had decided she and her husband are going to renew their wedding vows with all the splendor of a great big redneck wedding.  You would have to know them...... to understand.  They live out in the sticks and well..... they are rednecks.  Dresses have been purchased for all the bridesmaids and the birde too.  But naturally, they are not quite what Barbara had in mind.  So she purchased satin (wedding dress weight) Mossy Oak.  She told me she wanted me to add it to the dresses.  Isn't that sweet..... she thinks I can do anything.      Hmmmmm.... well after much thought, here's my design plan:
  • Open up all the side seams
  • Remove straps
  • Add a 4-5 inch insert of Mossy Oak from top to hem
  • The bodice details include ribbon detail, so I will add looping at the end of each ribbon detail
  • Sew in a tuck at the top and waist of each insert
  • Lace matching ribbon through making side corsets then tie ribbon in a bow at waist

this will actually give the dresses a little give for .....
.... make it a little smaller because I am going to lose some weight         ....and
..... oh! no! I gained a little weight and now it is too tight.

We all know how that ends up.... don't we?

The bride's dress..... I have a special plan for that too...... but we will have to wait for that one.
Here is pictures of the before dresses.

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