Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Mommy's Birthday!

    My mother loves peacocks!
Seriously, Momma does love those birds, to the point that my Dad actually bought peacocks for their farm.  Have you ever seen peacocks walking around the horse pasture of a Mississippi farm?  I have.... by the way, they are not always nice birdies..... but they sure are pretty.

It seemed to me, that Momma would love to carry along one of her beautiful birds with her... so with that in mind....

  • I found a collection of lovely peacock fabrics.

  • Designed a bright and vibrant peacock applique.

  • Wanting the applique to really stand out, I elected to use black and white for the tote bag itself.

  • After fusing the pieces of my applique in just the right manner for a most pleasing looking peacock...afterall, it is the males strutting themselves that are beautiful birds, the females are quite homely looking... poor things.  This is nature's way of protecting the females.

  • Follow up with a nice blanket stitch along the edges of the applique pieces in peacock blue.

  • Lastly..... add some decorative stitching for a feather plume on his head and feathers on the breast.
Love it!  Hope Momma does too. Her birthday is Wednesday February 17th.  She was born in 1944, lets see...... that makes her 66.  Way to go Mom...Love you.  I will be leaving Thursday the 15th, to make a surprise visit to her house.  Can't wait... haven't seen her in about 9 months. 

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