Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday for Gracie.... and a King Snake

My best little model... Gracie just had a birthday.
Six years old can you believe it?
Cute as baby kitten and sweet as a cherry pie........
Love the little darling!
So for her birthday I made her very own stylish messenger bag.

Cute huh....?

What's that you said?
What about the King Snake?
Gracie's Dad, Mark graced us with a new pet..........
A 3 foot long Southern King Snake.

I get to feed him a mouse every 3 or 4 days.  We buy the mice frozen and thaw them out before introducing them to the snake........  He just loves them!

So what shall we name him....
or her?

Don't worry the snake can't get out.  But we do open the aquarium and handle him sometimes..... he is very nice as long as he isn't hungry...... and yes he does bite.  As Mark says, "Anything with a mouth will bite, the trick is to not put a body part near his mouth."

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