Friday, June 11, 2010

Sarah's Birthday Bubble

Sweet Little Sarah is turning Two!  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to test this sweet pattern tutorial for Whimsy Coutour.  The tutorial was very easy and just look at these precious results!  Love it!

Birthday Cupcakes abound!

I used pretty wide ribbon for the straps.  They are attached in the middle on the front.  The back has a special surprise......
I put a buttonhole in the middle under the shirring and the ends of the ties come out and tie in a bow......
cute... cute... cute....!


  1. Very sweet! A perfect outfit to compliment the golden curls and adorable grin! :o)

  2. Thanks.... isn't she adorable.... so sweet, just love "borrowing her" ;o)

    1. I would love to "borrow" her for a couple of hours too

  3. Hi I'm new to this area and have been searching for a sewing studio to finish a project. However I do not own a sewing machine. Do you offer classes or am I able to go in and use a machine? How much would it cost?