Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block Three

I just love this quilt along.....
I am really a novice quilter..... but I have been a closet quilt book lover for many many years.
These quilt alongs finally gave me the incintive and courage to jump out there and make my own quilt.  Although, I still have yet to quilt a quilt top......I am currently designing and piecing my very own design for a queen size quilt.  My sister in law will be flying in for an extended stay April 20th.  So.... being the crazy silly person I am.... I have embarked on compleately re-doing the guest room and adjacent bath.  I want it to all coordinate, exude, and drip in cottage..romantic..pretty elegance. Oh! the vision dancing in my head!  Color pallet...hmmmm.... pink to burgandys, turquoise to williamsburg blues, and ivory to browns. 

You like it?  I do!
I plan to make the quilt, dust ruffle, pillows, quilted wall hangings, dresser fabic bowls, re-cover upholstered glider rocker, and curtains/valances.  The room is already painted english rose with hardwood floors... hmmm.... maybe make a quilted floor rug too.  Oh! my!  if I could just run a video from my thoughts I could make millions... billions... maybe trillions...hahaha.  Well, asumming someone would even want to see the ideas running through my mind:)

Anywho.... here is Block Three for the Quilt Along:

I am keeping that black and white polka dot theme fabric front and center.


On a funny note------
Three days ago my cat my husband's cat, Light Light (short for Lightning) ........ for some strange unknown reason...... climbed one of our 30 foot pine trees.  Well, after he had been up there screaming for 3 days and 2 nights..... I went to the fire department to ask for help.  What do you think the cat did when the fire truck pulled into the drive?  Ran down the tree.... on his own... without any prompting..... and without a care in the world.  Go figure.  The fireman was very nice anyway..... and also very nice looking..... I later told my 25 year old single daughter she would need to go get  the fireman next time.  He would make a lovely son in law.  Definately beats the guys she usually likes.  She has had some good ones though..... but as soon as she finds out we like him...... well.. you guessed it..... he's history.  I got his cell phone number too.... hehehe...such a sweet boy man.  After three days and nights.... Light Light just wanted to eat, then..... yep.. that's right-- it was naptime... in my sewing chair of course.    What an adventure!

The mischief maker caught napping!

More Hugs,

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